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Three years later I moved to California to lose the accent.

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Working as a computer graphics artist, I spent the next three years on an airplane traveling between Seattle, Denver, and LA, but the Eiffel Tower was calling; it sounded like an accordion. I flew to France and set up shop. In Paris I began to write, first as a means of expressing myself did I mention I didn't speak French and later as a means of entertaining myself. There I met a Frenchie, had a mini-me, and learned the language of Love.

But the winds of change were blowing. Frenchie wanted an adventure and mini-me wanted to learn to ski so we bought coats and long underwear and moved to Montreal. Montreal is the home of the nicest people in the world. In need of a shot of kindness--go to Montreal. But alas, we started to wonder what our lives would be like without snow tires so once again we packed up and moved to California, the part that still has water. Mini-me has continued the migration south to Brazil, but Frenchie and I are settled in We watch Home Hunters International and dream of what could be our next chapter.

So whether it's my gypsy heart or ADD I'm an eclectic reader and writer. As soon as I finish a story in one genre I'm off to another. I'm told this isn't the best way to create a writing career, but it sure is fun. Discover more of Nicola's work on her site www. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Previous page. Kindle Edition.

Next page. Blog post. Mount Tamalpais. Not geographically, but being the highest peak of the Marin Hills, it is like a beacon leading us Marinites home from San Francisco. The mountain is surrounded by national park areas offering up to forty miles of publically accessible open space. Tam was create by the uplifting, and folding of the North American plate as it slides along the Pacific plate near the San Andreas Fa.

Meet Marin County. The county is one of the original 27 counties created in by the first California charter. Italian Kitchen. For me this constant was Italian Kitchen.

Coming Soon! Look for it June 1st! Nicola Trwst - Suspense Writer Another New Year is upon us as we gear up for the monumental changes we plan to make in the months ahead. Have you made your resolutions yet? Steven Speilberg by many passerby on Melrose There is always such a positive vibe there, and Avenue, the people are so friendly," Shepard said. Her cousins that he was Steven Speilberg, and the manager lived in Malibu in the celebrity filled Pacific said, 'Oh my gosh, do you want me to clear the Palisades.

Their elaborate mansion included store?

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Shepard was a shopping fanatic, but besides "I'm sure I will take a few more trips to that, she enjoyed many other adventures. A California, and eventually, I plan to live there couple of her favorite memories included driving full-time," Shepard said, her cousins' porsche, riding bikes on Venice 4.

Happily playing on the beach, freshman Lindsy Laway and her cousin enjoy the somewhat chilly Florida weather.

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Even though the wind was strong and cool, Laway enjoyed spending her spring break with her cousin. Throwing her arms up in excitement, freshman Lacey Green can't wait to start her day in the warm weather of New Smyrna, Florida. Green went on vacation with sophomore Chelsey Haske and the Haske family.

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Do you enjoy making people laugh? Would you ever consider being a comedian?

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Who else do you think you act like? Do you have any favorite comedians? Do you enjoy Carrot Top? He's pretty funny. What are some of your hobbies? Do you do well in school? What's your favorite class? I like art the best. What are your favorite stores to shop at? Do you think you and Courtney act alike at all? What's your best impression of Chris? What made you realize you have the same personality? I try a bunch of impersonations, but Mr. Klinger really liked this one. Do you agree with this comparison?

Even a bad impersonation of Farley is going to be funny.

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What are your favorite Chris Farley movies? What specific characteristics do you both share? Could you ever be on a reality TV show with cameras constantly following you around? Are you the kind of person who can ignore rumors and mean comments that are being addressed toward you? What are some features you think that you have in common with Heidi? A bubbly personality, elegant like Aubrey Hepburn, and deep soul. Do you relate to any of her past characters in movies?

Her characters are quirky and mysterious, curious to the end, and outside the box thinker. Do you think you could ever take on an acting career?


Why or why not? I don't think I'd care for my life to always be in the public eye with slander and lies in the news. But, if I chose that, I would have to live with it. Scrolling clown the play I ists of her ipod, senior Omega Hang with her lunch buddy fellow senior Nicole Bryant rests after a filling meal. Hang was an avid music fan, and she really loved sharing her favorite tunes with her friends at the lunch. Ipocls were newly allowed as a way for kids to preoccupy their lunch periods.

After she finishes her lunch that she packs in a brown bag every morning, freshman Kaytlin Neihardt begins the last of her grammar homework for Spanish I. Taking a gulp from his Gatorade, junior Michael Pelon also chows on his crispy curly fries.

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He said he usually sat with the same people because he had early lunch with the same group Monday through Friday. Daughter tested ; mother approved As she headed off to school, freshman Sherry Boss always told her mother that she would talk to her at lunch. School policy didn't allow off-campus lunch, but Sherry's mother, Mrs. Debbie Boss, saw her daughter almost every day at school where she worked as a lunch lady. Sherry's mom worked at the middle school along with filling-in at CHS.

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Taking a break from lunch, freshman Sherry Boss chats with her mom, Deb- bie, about the day's events. Through the clanking of chair legs and the beeping of the lunch number keypad, the 35 minutes that students got for lunch were truly times to be with friends and share the experiences of the day. Lunch at CHS wasn't just a time to have a healthy meal, but it was a time to bond and have a healthy conversation. The countless smile and echoes of laughter filled the commons. Like the many country flags that came together to line the ceiling above, the students came together to share good and bad moments that will last a lifetime.

As she begins her lunch period, junior Jordan McCarthy pinches a fresh strawberry between her fingers. She was one of many who ate hot lunch every day, and she usually enjoyed what she bought.