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After months of deliberation, the Hopi Tribe entered into settlement discussions with the HPL Navajo families to arrive at a solution where Navajo families who wished to remain on Hopi land could do so.

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The families, represented by their own lawyers, reached an Agreement in Principle with the Hopi Tribe in October of The Agreement in Principle grew into an accommodation agreement under which the Navajo could remain on Hopi land under a 75 year lease of homesite, farming and grazing land. In , Congress passed a Settlement Act which ratified the Accommodation Agreement and the 75 year lease opportunity for Navajo families. Today, most of the Navajo families have either accepted relocation benefits and moved, or agreed to lease arrangements with the Hopi Tribe.

However, full implementation of the Peace Treaty between the Hopi and Navajo over the Reservation remains to be seen.

They are called the resisting Navajo. Fueled by an inability to respect the Peace Treaty between the two tribes and driven by outside agitators, the resisting Navajo are hoping to remain permanently on Hopi land beyond the February 1, deadline to leave. One of the clear injustices to the Hopi is the claim of the resisting Navajo that their rights to the land are even greater than that of the Hopi; they have undertaken an extensive "religious" freedom and public relations campaign to convince themselves and the world that they should stay on Hopi homelands illegally. The resisting Navajo have enlisted the help of movie stars, United Nations activists and the media to their cause.

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A great deal of media hype includes spins on words like "ethnic cleansing," "genocide," the "evil governments" and "corporate interests. The allegation that the Hopi people are engaged in the ethnic cleansing or genocide of the Navajo people is not only absurd, it is irresponsible. First of all, there is no systematic destruction of the Navajo people, who far outnumber the Hopi people by a population of , to 12, Nor have the Hopi people ever planned to cleanse their lands of the Navajo.

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To the contrary, the Hopi have opened up their lands for settlement by Navajo families who wish to stay via an agreed-upon lease arrangement. If anything, it is the Hopi who are being deliberately and systematically destroyed by the very forces claiming to be victims. In June , the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the resisting Navajo have no right to remain on Hopi land and did not find the accommodation agreement to be discriminatory against them. In fact, the Accommodation Agreement amounts to one of the first peace treaties between two Indian nations and is recognized by Congress and the Courts to be fair, humanitarian, and without precedent.

For the Hopi, making peace with the neighboring Navajo tribe has taken its toll. The Accommodation Agreement has been bashed by outside agitators as non-workable. In fact, the next battle lines have been drawn by the resisting Navajo. Come February 1, , the resisting Navajo will wage a legal battle to fight their eviction from Hopi lands.


Of great concern to the Hopi have been the threats of armed occupation by outsiders who intend to settle on Hopi lands in the coming months. The outside agitators and resisting Navajo have vowed to use violence against the Hopi people, Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement and Hopi rangers.

On the Hopi reservation, where principles of peace have sustained an ancient culture for thousands of years, there is fear that zealous "Navajo" activists could escalate the matter into a physical conflict. It is this fear that the Hopi people pray against and for which they will hold the outside agitators and resisting Navajo accountable. The Hopi people trust that the federal government, the Navajo Nation, and the Navajo people living on Hopi lands will make good on their word to end the Navajo-Hopi land dispute and to live side by side in harmony and peace with the Hopi people.

May peace prevail. Cultural Survival Quarterly Magazine. Hopi Fight for Survival and Peace in the next Millennium. Article copyright Cultural Survival, Inc. March United States. Lands, Resources, and Environments. Thomas Grillo. By Thomas Grillo November 25, Nathan Viera, 4, came out of a coma more than a week after he and his mother were struck by a car in downtown Peabody. Courtesy Photo. Thomas Grillo Thomas Grillo is an award-winning business reporter who has worked at Boston's major newspapers covering real estate trends including the emergence of Assembly Square in Somerville and chronicling the growth of Boston's Seaport District.

Thomas covers Peabody and Lynnfield. Follow him on Twitter BosBizThomas. Thomas Grillo can be reached at tgrillo itemlive. Community Calendar: Oct. Trending Lynn Police: Four recent shootings were gang-affiliated. Body found on Nahant's Short Beach. Treatment Finally, if employees do in fact get sick, it would be a good idea to include products that deal with just that in the total prevention package.

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