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In the past two years, many readers have written to DER SPIEGEL imploring the newsmagazine to stop hiding the truth and clearly state the danger: that refugees are raping women and children in Germany. Il curatore della collezione, Filippo Maggia, racconta a "Exibart" il percorso intrapreso.

Agreeing with those who declare that they find few traces of the sonata form in the structure of this composi- tion, and also with those critics who assert the word to be an organic amplification of the old, obsolete form, and that Liszt has taken Bee- thoven's last sonata period as a starting-point and made a plunge into futurity agreeing with these warring factions, thereby choking off the contingency of a spirited argument, I repeat that I find the B minor of Liszt truly fascinating music.

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Written and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, Tashan is what youd describe as a road movie, but one thats going in all the wrong directions.